Manhole Covers/Drainage Channels

We offering, everything you need to set up an effective drainage system and manhole covers in varying sizes.

All the manhole covers we offer are recessed, in sizes:

  • 600x450x40mm
  • 450x450x80mm
  • 600x450x80mm
  • 600x600x80mm
  • 300x300x80mm
  • 300x300x40mm

Our Drainage channels are all 1 metre long:

  • A15 Galvanised Grate
  • A15 Brickslot Plastic
  • A15 Black Plastic Grate
  • A15 Black Plastic Grate (Chevron Style)
  • B125 Black Plastic Grate

As well as the channels we supply these accessories:

  • A15 Hexdrain Accessory Kit
  • A15 Hexdrain Corner (Chevron match)
  • Vertical Outlet
  • End Cap
  • Torrent Flow End Cap
  • Torrent Flow End Outlet (110mm)