Jointing Grouts, Slurry Primer, SBR, Squeegees & Grouting Sponge.

Flowpoint Fine Flowbable Jointing Grout - 20kg:

  • Charcoal
  • Natural Grey

Premjoint Jointing Grout - 15kg (in either fine or coarse)

  • Cosmic Black
  • Storm Grey
  • Natural Cashmere

Slurry Primer:

  • Pro-Prime 20ks Bag
  • Prem-Prime 17kg Tub

In stock, we have SBR Bond (5 Litre) - useful as a bonding agent, primer, sealer and to improve properties of cement renders.

We further stock squeegees, both as a handheld plastic squeegee or in a 'broom-like' style, to help spread the grout firmly into the joints.

And to remove any excess grout, after 20 minutes after laying, use our Professional Tiling Sponge, making sure it is clean and damp before applying.