Sands & Gravels

We have a versatile range of sand and gravels, to have all your needs covered from suitable subbases to concrete mixes.

All available in Bulk Bags delivered or collected, as well as loose delivered or collected and full lorry loads direct to site.

The following are available in maxi bags (25kg):

  • Ballast
  • Red Building Sand
  • MOT 
  • Pea Gravel 10mm
  • Sharp Sand
  • Drainage Gravel 20mm

MOT Type 1 40mm-Dust
Red Building Sand
Our crushed aggregate material, used as a stable subbase for roads surfaces and pathways.A mix of gravel and sharp sand, best used for a consistent concrete product.A soft sand sand suited for bricklaying and general building usage.
Sharp Sand
Pea Gravel 10mm
Drainage Gravel 20mm
A sand with better drainage properties, often used as a bed for pavements, patios or to create strong concrete.Smooth round stones useful for drainage and covering driveways and pathways.Our larger size of standard drainage gravel, similar useful for covering driveways and pathways.
Grano Dust 6mm-Dust

A finer aggregate better suited for use a subbase for artificial grass or even block paving.


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